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Smartbox platform provides smart locker applications for — retail, e-tail, logistics, postal, laundry, multifamily housing apartments and, commercial entities. Our software offers secure, efficient, accountable, and convenient package delivery and auditable asset storage. Our unique software system gives users 24-hour access to lockers and the ability to track deliveries remotely.

Smartbox’s automated smart lockers offers an innovative range of secure storage and enclosure systems to secure, streamline and audit the complete chain of custody of parcels and express deliveries. Smartbox’s smart locker systems integrate software, networking and locking devices to enable secure storage and tracking of valuable, time sensitive parcels.

Smartbox offers a range of services that can optimize solutions to address the needs of discrete segments.

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Smartbox Software

Built by experts, Smartbox software is feature-rich and follows scalable architecture that allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries

Key features at a glance


What Functionality Our API's Provide

  • Locker management
  • Real time analysis of capacity of the locker
  • Real time analytics and statistics from across network
  • Real time notification to the maintenance team and the end user at the same time when terminal get down for any reason
  • Fraud detection pattern
  • Data reporting
  • Real time tracking and notification to the end user regarding their delivery status
  • Data encryption, Data Security & Data masking to secure your customer private data
  • And many more...

Smartbox Architecture

Smartbox Programs

Smartbox Support

We work closely with our clients to ensure very high availability of our terminals. Our solution is built to scale and can seamlessly integrate with any order/warehouse management system. We offer several different reporting dashboards which provide you real-time data and analytics to monitor everything at close range.

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