last mile logistic made simple

Introduce speed, efficiency and performance in logistics delivery by automating last mile logistics process

Logistic & postal industry is facing an era of unprecedented change as digitization takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models, while also re-shaping the marketplace in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent

Consumers now expect to get shipments faster, more flexibly, and with more transparency ata lower price. No surprise that across the industry, both operating models and profitability are under strain. In addition, the last mile’s hefty share in total mail and parcel delivery cost – often reaching or even exceeding 50 percent – makes it a key process step for those seeking to gain a competitive advantage. At the same time,it is precisely at the last mile that many incumbents are struggling, as they often shoulder significant labor cost disadvantages and therefore, all else being equal, competitive disadvantages.

In this context, automated mail and parcel locker network have emerged as an effective and long-term solution to the last-mile problem. Automated smart lockers can enhance and amplify the mail and package deliveries for a postal and logistics companies and at the same time, exceed customer expectations by offering secure and customer-specific lockers with intuitive functionalities.

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Tailored Solutions To Solve
Last Mile Delivery Challenges

tailored solutions to solve last mile delivery challenges

Our Smart parcel lockers craft scalable and customizable solutions to suit your desired workflows easily and intuitively with end- to end delivery management systems keeping track of all deliveries.

State-Of-The-Art Software Providing Visibility Across The Final Delivery

state of the art software providing visibility acress the final delivery

Our cloud-based global parcel locker technology gives real-time comprehensive view of available lockers with complete control and security access to secure last mile solution.


cashless on-delivery settlemets CASHLESS ON-DELIVERY SETTLEMETS

Hassle-free and easy on-delivery payment settlements as it makes use of digital payments facility, which is secure, reliable and faster.

no more missed deliveries NO MORE MISSED DELIVERIES

Smartbox terminals have 24*7 accessibility to eliminate the risk of missed deliveries.

store the shipment for a few days STORE THE SHIPMENT FOR A FEW DAYS

Smartbox terminal can store parcels safe and secure for few days, until the customer finds time to pick-up the same.

reducing operational time & costs REDUCING OPERATIONAL TIME & COSTS

Smartbox answers concern of a logistics company as it makes easier to cut down cost and streamline the entire last-mile delivery process in a time-efficient way.

reduce returns & re-attempt REDUCE RETURNS & RE-ATTEMPT

Drive customer loyalty with reduced returns as Smartbox terminals enable fast returns and reduce re-attempts with zero hassle which makes your customers choose you every time..

maximizing deliveries MAXIMIZING DELIVERIES

Smartbox terminals fasten the entire last-mile delivery process for your logistics company and amplify the number of package deliveries 10x more per person on a single day.


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