Smartbox is a fresh & innovative new way to simplify online shopping. We are India's first integrated network of automated parcel delivery terminals - a true symbol of technology bringing convenience to online shoppers. A unique concept which keeps convenience for online shoppers at the heart of its service.

Our service is helping to improve the online shopping experience by offering delivery options that never existed in the past. Smartbox automated self-service terminals are most popular due to their 24*7 availability - without having to contact any courier person or agency. We deliver your parcel on our terminal and you pick-up your online shopping at any time and location that is convenient to you.

Smartbox is the first smart locker project to bring the automated click & collect technology to the Indian market. Developing our own proprietary technology for our network has given us many insights as well as first-hand experience on how to build a successful & efficient network based on the application.

We enable eCommerce, omnichannel retail entities and end customers across geographies to get the maximum benefits from the solution. We bring in a holistic solution which includes modular hardware, software for multiple use cases, professional services and consulting. Our team of experts provides end-to-end guidance for a cost-effective and timely implementation of a parcel locker project.



A lot of work goes on in the background before you see a ready to use Smartbox terminal placed at a convenient location near you. Our team has been working tirelessly on the technology for years to ensure a world class end product today. We are a rapidly growing team of professionals and if you would like to join this die hard technology team - please email us at career@smartbox.in.

Amit Sawhney

An entrepreneur from an early age - Amit has successfully built India's largest customer communications management company
(fci-ccm.com). Smartbox is now Amit' second innings along with his team to revolutionize the online shopping experience.


Co-founder & CEO

Vineet Sawhney

A US graduate - Vineet has been an instrumental force in the success of FCI after his last stint in US with UBS Investment Bank. Based in Mumbai - Vineet is working as a Chief Strategy Officer - developing & executing Smarbox' strategic initiatives.


Co-founder & CSO

Deepak Bhasin

As one of the early team members in FCI growth story. Deepak is also an early team member in Smartbox initiative. His knowledge in IT & Information Security has been extremely valuable since the early days of Smartbox and he continues to add tremendous value in the technology of Smartbox.


Head - IT, Infrastructure & Security

Saurabh Tiwari

As one of the early team members of Smartbox – Saurabh brings almost 9+ years of experience from transactional services for the banking industry. Saurabh is extremely passionate in helping to build Smartbox as a unique business that solves real problem for today' consumer.


Head - New Business Initiatives

Our Vision

“To be India's most preferred option for online shopping delivery”



Smartbox is one of the few large scale deployments of smart infrastructure - which is solving one of the biggest challenges for E-commerce businesses in India. Our agile platform along with world class hardware is providing the much needed solution for E-commerce businesses. It is a perfect blend of cutting edge technology and smart physical infrastructure to empower online shoppers with newer delivery options.

Our technology coupled with some solid physical infrastructure on the ground provides real value to everyone in the chain - be it an online shopper or an E-commerce company or a courier company or even our location hosts. Using our patent pending technology we wish to open new paradigm of efficient delivery and improved customer satisfaction.