Not at Home? Order will still be delivered

The next time a user orders something from a e-commerce company and isn’t at home to pay cash, or is out on a holiday, the order won’t go back. It will still be delivered. Smartbox E-commerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a New-Delhi based start-up, launched in January this year by Amit and Vineet Sawhney, will make it easier to receive e-commerce orders.

The problem

“A lot of orders are delivered when users are not at home and the parcel is then taken back. A few housing societies have stringent security rules. Some corporates have fixed timings for delivery in premises and in some cases deliveries are not permitted in the corporate parks,” said Amit Sawhney. The problem persists not just for deliveries but for order returns too. Currently, the user will have to put in a special request, wait for someone to come collect the order which is a cumbersome and time-consuming process,” said Sawhney. The company plans on making this process seamless.

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