Smartbox’s automated smart lockers offers an innovative range of secure storage and enclosure systems to secure, streamline and audit the complete chain of custody of parcels and express deliveries. Our smart locker systems integrate software, networking and locking devices to enable secure storage and tracking of valuable, time sensitive parcels. We offer a range of services that can optimize solutions to address the needs of discrete segments.

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Smartbox Hardware

Key features at a glance


Modular Locker Designs
Hardware Agnostic
Software Solution
Mobile App Enabled
Simple, Intuitive Operation for All Customer Groups
Customizable & Easy To Setup Workflow
Standalone or Networked With Unlimited Use Cases
Range of Authentication Options


Our automated smart lockers are concentrated on delivering functionality, serviceability and utility. Our terminals have a modular framework that ensures ease of configuration, installation, maintenance and extension. Our software architecture is designed as an extensible framework that

enables simple integration with third party devices and software systems. Standard features include remote system management, real-time locker reservation and scheduling, live locker unit monitoring, reporting and operational control. To read more about our software platform visit here

Our technology can easily be implemented by


Smartbox Support

We work closely with our clients to ensure very high availability of our terminals. Our solution is built to scale and can seamlessly integrate with any order/warehouse management system. We offer several different reporting dashboards which provide you real-time data and analytics to monitor everything at close range.

24 Hrs a Day Global Support
Software Updates with AMC
Professional Services

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Yes, Smartbox hardware is modular in nature which allows businesses to add or reduce the no. of lockers as per business needs.
Yes Smartbox hardware can be completely customised according to your business need and requirements..
For Indian Customers: Yes, we provide both software and hardware maintenance services for an annual maintenance cost.
For International Customers: We provide remote maintenance service for an annual maintenance cost.
Our software can easily integrate and work effortlessly with any external Smart locker application hardware, after one-time integration.
Yes, we can easily integrate and support range of authentication options such as RFID, biometric verification etc. as per customer needs.
Yes, Smartbox terminals can integrate and support all languages.
Yes, Smartbox terminals can integrate and support all currencies.
No, currently our lockers do not accept cash. We have only incorporate digital payment methods. But, in case there is a requirement to have a cash accepting terminals we can customise the solution to the needs.
Yes, the printer can be added as per your requirement. That would have an additional cost depending upon the specifications.
No, standard version of Smartbox automated lockers cannot be installed and used outdoors. If the requirement is for installing lockers outdoor, we can customize the hardware accordingly.
In the standard locker configuration (S, M & L) out console can control up to 304 lockers.
Yes, Indian customers can lease or purchase our equipment. Both options are available. You can choose either option that better fits their businesses.
International customers have the option to only buy the lockers.
Sure you can. Our smart locker technology powers one computer to control a total of 304 compartments. As long as you provide the space, you can install as many!
The equipment will be warrantied for 1 year. Any damage caused by vandalism, excessive wear and tear is not covered by warranty.
Usually it takes few hours, depends on how many units are installed.
Internet: Wi-Fi or LAN with at least 1.0Mbps upload speed. Alternatively, a 3G/4G SIM card with internet can do. Voltage: 110v outlets. Space: Depends on how many units are installed.
Our team will work with your on-site staff to train them on the functionality of the system, how to load and retrieve packages as well as basic trouble-shooting. We will provide ongoing support for your staff as needed.
Yes. We regularly update our software to make the system more stable, fast and add additional feature.