Smart Locker Technology in Hospitals


Similar to the process of industrial and commercial automation, hospitals are also being included in the context of automation. The emphasis is on solutions that can automate hospital processes in order to make them more secure and with a lower operational cost.

With an increasing focus on supply storage and logistics in hospitals, there’s an increasing need for the efficient use of space. Managing supplies across multiple departments is also a difficult task that can take up staff’s valuable time. Materials handling and storage is also essential to ensure patient safety in hospital and healthcare organizations.

Hospitals should have drugs easily available; but unfortunately, that’s not usually the case for some patients. By automating supply, storage and inventory of medication, errors and drug shortages would be minimized, thereby improving patient experience. Managing the supply process manually can lead to inefficient operations and unproductive utilization of time and resources.

You can free up your outpatient pharmacy to capture more patient’s scripts by giving your patients more options and convenience. Why not have the discharged patients swing by to pick up the compliance scripts on their way out?

We at Smartbox are dedicated to providing technology that applies hospital lean principles to ensure supplies are handled safely, cleanly, quickly, and in a fraction of the space of traditional shelving. Our professionals know that while a good inventory management system requires a patient-centred approach, it is also critical to deliver cost-effective solutions to help address the rising cost of medical care.

Convenient For Patients & Employees
• Avoid lines and unlimited hours
• Online tracking
• Automated patient notification system via e-mail or text message
• Patient retrieval via pick up code or smart phone app
• Touch Screen enabled interface
• On site convenient payment methods
• Barcode, Credit Card, RFID enabled readers
• Biometric identification

Convenient For Hospitals
• Webcam
• Telephone for one-on-one consultations (optional)
• Remote pharmacy monitoring of pickups and full or empty slots
• Pharmacy system integration options
• Fully expandable, multi-column design with variable size lockers
• Data is encrypted to protect patient information
• Can also sell OTC medications
• Display can generate ad revenue
• Detailed reports on all activities and inventory
• Manages Return to Stock

If you are curious to learn more, dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to we would be glad to assist you.


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